Department's future remains uncertain

by Charles Davant | 8/2/96 5:00am

The committee formed by Dean of the Social Sciences George Wolford to investigate alternatives to the Education Department's teacher training program has not yet begun to do research.

"Nothing is happening yet this summer," Wolford said. "No one is working on the education department yet."

When created in May, the committee was composed of a few students, two graduates of Dartmouth's teacher preparation program and Assistant Dean of the Faculty Sheila Culbert. Wolford declined to reveal the members of the committee.

Wolford formed the committee after the Social Sciences Council recommended in May that the education department be abolished.

At the time, Wolford said all of the reasons for doing so should not be disclosed to the public, but pointed out that another review committee suggested the same course of eradication in 1993.

Psychology Chair Robert Kleck has been previously quoted as saying the recommendation "stems in part from a concern over the quality of the program in the education department."

Wolford told The Dartmouth during the Spring term that the committee will examine teacher preparation at other schools to learn whether Dartmouth students will be better served by programs elsewhere.

Wolford said his office has been working on projects other than researching alternatives to teacher training. But, he said, committee members will begin working by the end of Summer term.

"It is my hope to talk more about the Education department in the very near future," he said.

"Hopefully a few things will be accomplished this summer, and then other business will begin Fall term," he said.

Wolford said he thinks the faculty will make a decision on the future of the Education department Fall term.

Chair of the Education Department Andrew Garrod, who is overseas, was not available for comment.

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