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Picking up The Review is justified

(05/04/93 2:00am)

Dartmouth has been up in arms because of the violation of a precious code by which all Americans live and die -- that is, some live with it while others die trying to attain it. On campus, letters have been sent to The Dartmouth. There have been harassing and insulting Blitzmail and door messages. Physical confrontations have occurred and muted physical threats issued.

Job woes

(05/03/93 2:00am)

When I was accepted at Dartmouth, I thought I was set for life. I made it to the top. All I needed to do was graduate in four years and people would knock down my door to give me an interesting, challenging, personally fulfilling and bank-account-enriching job. Or, if I didn't feel like diving into the job market, I would have my choice of graduate programs and law schools in order to quench my academic thirst.

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