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Buzzed and Confused

(11/13/15 12:37am)

It’s often said that Dartmouth has a drinking problem. Yet alcohol is not always the guilty party. Many students limit their consumption of beer, wine and liquor to a few nights a week, but another drug is a part of their daily routines. And unlike alcohol, it’s socially acceptable before noon — we’re talking about caffeine.

A Song For Every Space

(10/01/15 10:20pm)

Music is all around us at Dartmouth. From breakfast in Collis Café to studying in One Wheelock, to working out at the gym and getting Facetime in Baker Lobby, music is the constant backdrop to everyday activities. Not every space is created the same, though, and a song that reminds us of one place might seem totally foreign somewhere else. With the help of some musically astute students, I compiled a campus-wide playlist for you. You’re welcome.

Out of Style

(05/07/15 11:17pm)

Fashions come into style all the time, and they often go out of style just as easily — the hairstyles you’ll find in a quick leaf through the 1988 College yearbook confirm that in a heartbeat. Other changes at the College, though, are not quite as easy to spot with the naked eye. Here, we take a closer look at changes to how students have communicated over the years, what the most facetimey spots have been and how the job market has evolved.

Private? Not for me.

(04/23/15 10:37pm)

As someone who’s in her third year at the College, I like to think I know my way around the various buildings on campus pretty well. The views from the top of Fairchild Hall are incredible. Thayer Dining Hall is beautiful and has the most delicious frozen yogurt on campus. The patio at the Top of the Hop is the underrated second cousin of the Collis porch. The basement of the Fayerweather Halls is the best dorm basement unless you’re a freshman obsessed with The Cellar. The most wonderful thing about all these spaces is that they’re open to everyone. This week, though, in the interest of writing a story on privacy, I decided to get into some of the most guarded spaces on campus — the more intimidating the sign on the door, the better.

Calculating Costs: Upper Valley Economics

(10/23/14 11:30pm)

How much would you pay for a one-night stay in the Upper Valley? $67 or $400? What about for a saucepan? $20 or $180? Beyond the confines of campus, the realities of economic differences between Hanover and the Upper Valley become abundantly clear. The price of a trash can from Walmart versus one from Main Street Furniture differs drastically, illustrating just how isolated we truly are. The population of the main village of Hanover is 8,636, with a median household income of $84,969. Lebanon, meanwhile, has a population of 13,483 and a median household income of $53,650. We went to several town stores and compared the prices of everyday items to those of stores such as Walmart and the Dollar Store. Whenever possible we compared the exact same items and brands across these different locations. While we have not covered every single option, we aimed to provide a wide cross-section of prices for students to draw economic comparisons within Hanover and across the Upper Valley.

Kira Garden showcases sculpture by Upper Valley artists

(08/14/14 9:43pm)

A sliver of sunlight gleamed off “Arabesque,” created by Michael Kraatz and Susan Russell of Canaan. The stained glass reflected the reds and greens of the nearby ceramic plants. A small patch of purple flowers had sprung up next to the sculpture, their bright petals contrasting against the rusted steel framing the glass. A small group of bees buzzed around the overturned bird house sculpture a few yards away, made by Campton’s Phil Lonergan.

Editor's Note

(08/07/14 11:54pm)

About two weeks into my Dartmouth career, some friends and I heard about a little thing called The Fifty. We immediately signed up to support and had an incredible time helping older Dartmouth students as they tested their limits. Watching The Fifty hikers struggle through the night — completely of their own free will and often with little advanced preparation — was the first thing about Dartmouth that really showed me just how much our school and surroundings makes possible. As cliché as it sounds, those of us at Dartmouth don’t think, we just do, when it comes to challenging ourselves and experiencing everything that the Upper Valley has to offer.

Gotta Kick It Up

(06/27/14 12:38am)

Every four years, a strange phenomenon occurs in which the American public develops a sudden affinity for watching soccer. The results of a single soccer match have sparked city-wide riots in countries around the world​, and despite the significant portion of ’90s kids who have played youth soccer, the passion and appreciation for the sport has never quite caught on in the U.S. For one month every four years, however, millions of Americans act like they’ve been devoted fans of “the beautiful game” for their entire lives, only to forget about it again until the next World Cup.

Finding Your Unicorn

(05/08/14 7:58pm)

You’re walking around campus when BAM! You spot your unicorn walking toward you. You’ve already seen them three times today, and you know you will see them at least three more. Are they stalking you? Are you subconsciously stalking them? Either way, they are coming closer. You stare off at a tree in the distance, trying your best to avoid the awkward eye contact, but it’s inevitable. Right as they pass by, you look up and give them the usual half-smile. “See you soon,” you think.

Amazed in the Maize

(10/31/13 10:13pm)

We got off to a rocky start. Before even getting to our destination, the gas light was on, our phones had no service and we’d pulled several u-turns. Returning to Hanover without leaving the car crossed our minds. But, just as our last bit of positive energy almost dissipated, we stumbled upon the Great Vermont Corn Maze. We arrived just in time, and it was well worth the journey.

Socially Savvy

(09/27/13 2:00am)

Dartmouth's presence has increased dramatically in recent years and now includes official pages on Google+, Flickr and Youtube and the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Reaching out to alumni, current and prospective students and anyone else who might be interested, these forms of social media are updated daily. A team of three, headed by digital content director Martin Grant in the Office of Public Affairs, is behind the informative posts, photos and videos.

Maintaining Trips Relationships

(09/11/13 2:00am)

By now, most Dartmouth students presumably know that freshmen will not be allowed inside Greek houses until after Homecoming weekend. While there are many obvious reasons for and concerns surrounding this new policy, one of the more subtle ramifications is the impact that the regulation will have on the relationship between DOC First-Year Trip leaders and their trippees.

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