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What’s really under the Baker Tower Construction Zone

(09/23/16 2:29pm)

Baker tower is hands down the most recognizable symbol on campus. As a freshman, Googling pictures of Dartmouth yielded Baker tower, smiling white people and Sperry’s with socks. On the first day of freshman year I anticipated its familiar façade, but alas, it was covered in a giant and probably unnecessarilyexpensive tarp with its picture on it.

Places to Take a Profile Picture other than Baker Tower

(10/20/16 1:13pm)

When Dartmouth decided to renovate Baker Tower, I doubt anyone considered the enormous problem it would cause: depriving us of a backdrop for those classic “I’m back!” or “Look, it’s autumn!” profile pictures. Without a photo of me at the one place that’s recognizably-Dartmouth, how am I supposed to subliminally let everyone back home know that I haven’t flunked out yet? Could there possibly be an alternative to the coveted shot in front of Baker Tower? Probably not. But, unless you’re up for posing in front of the library as it stands now and captioning the photo, “Yup, this actually is Dartmouth,” you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

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