Overheards: Week 7

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/28/17 12:15am

’19: “JINX! You owe me a KAF!”

’19 #1: “I’m going to Tabard, Jr. right now.”
’19 #2: “What?”
’19 #1: “As in, SAE.”

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’19 #1: “You know in 1972, Sig Ep almost took women?”
’19 #2: “Yeah, well, makes sense that a sorority would want to take women.”

’19 male: “I’m gonna go coed so I can ding girls.”
’19 female: “Wait did you say date or ding?”
’19 male: “Por que no los dos?”

Speaker: “Attention, please: the library will be closing in 30 minutes.”
’19: “Los Altos f---ing public library is open longer.”

’19: “Could low-key not be in a relationship with someone who texts in green.”

’19: “Yo, can you explain photogenic memory to me?”

’19 #1: “Are you coming to the Vagina Monologues?”
’19 #2: “I don’t know if that’s appropriate. I won’t be cumming, I’ll be attending.”

Overheard in Foco: “Apparently they were up until 5 … doing a puzzle.”

Overheard within a female shmob on Webster: “Someone order Dominos. I’ve done it the last 15 times.”

’20: “After a guy walked me home last night, I told him I didn’t do hookups. A week later he saw me DFMOing with someone else, and now he doesn’t smile when he says hi to me.”

’20: “I ran out of DBA from going to KAF so often, and my family sent me 50 packs of oatmeal so now all I can eat is oatmeal.”

’20: "I just chased three shots with cocoa puffs."

’19: "Being on 3FB is like going tanning, but instead of soaking up sun rays, it's facetime."

’19: "How do you get into the DOC? You're in it, right? Could you get me in??"

(Undocumented) ’20: “He's everything I want in a man!”
’20: “A citizen?”

The Dartmouth Web Staff