Alternative Study Spaces for Finals Week

By Melanie Kos | 11/15/16 9:47am

Finals and impending doom are upon us. All those readings you left unread and thought you got away with are creeping up on you. Professors are still assigning papers even though you have their final and two others to worry about, not to mention what you’re going to wear for TDXmas.

Even when 3fb is packed with people, you’ve got to study in whenever and wherever you can. Here are some fail-safe alternative study spaces that are (mostly) MDF-approved.


The KAF or Novack line

The line is already miles long. In those valuable 15 minutes, you might as well crack open that textbook while you wait for your iced coffee with a double shot. Be wary of constant jostling and someone grabbing your drink, though. This study space is not recommended if you are low on DBA.

A frat basement

It’s a Friday night. All your friends are out, but you have a paper due at 11:59 p.m. As the FOMO becomes real and you kick yourself for procrastinating, what emerges as the only possible solution? Take that laptop with you and combine academic rigor with the rigor required to become a pong champion.

A study room (in a building that's not yours)

En route back to your dorm from Collis, when you realize that your paper is due in 20 minutes, just pop right into the nearest dorm building and bust out that laptop. Enter that study space and get it done because there’s no time to waste. Yes, the floor residents may give you a dirty or weird look, but the “turned in” checkmark on Canvas is worth it.

The Hop line

Similar to the KAF line, except a different time frame. The HOP grill line at dinnertime is a true catastrophe, and as you wait to order your buff tender queso and fries, you may as well try to burn off some of the calories in advance by using your brainpower.

X-Delta Sculpture

Sure, it may be getting colder, but this means that nobody else will be outside. Plus, will anybody bother you when you are actually on a sculpture that you’re not sure you’re allowed to be on? Is anybody really sure you can swing on it? This is a power move that fosters intimidation and envy.

Feldberg/Kresge/Dana Libraries

Because really, does anybody study at any of the other libraries on campus? These are the perfect oasis for the less facetimey, and it’s likely that they’re closer to your dorm than Baker-Berry. Ugh, practicality.

Melanie Kos