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Around the Ivies

(02/25/15 1:49pm)

Brown University: Laptop thefts at Brown University have declined sharply since a yearly high of 92 in 2008, with only 12 thefts reported in 2014, the Brown Daily Herald reported. According to the Herald, the decline may in part stem from an increase in the number of students who register their devices with Operation Identification, a national program run in Providence by the Department of Public Safety.

Sonic Space: Viet Cong

(02/24/15 4:56pm)

At this point, writing about Viet Cong’s new album “Viet Cong” (2015) is practically unavoidable for me. The Calgary-based band, who first came to attention with their EP “Cassette” (2014), is comprised of bassist Matt Flegel and drummer Michael Wallace —both from the now-defunct indie rock outfit Women, who broke up after an on-stage fight and the death of a band member —and guitarists Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen. Their new debut album, which has already seen strong reviews since its January release, continues to captivate and process the grief found in their initial offering.

From the Archives: Power Napping in 1993

(02/19/15 7:30pm)

On this day 22 years ago, Rick Connelly ’96 expounded on a topic in The Dartmouth’s opinion section that will be all too familiar to most current students: power napping in the library. Hoping to find a study spot that might diminish his procrastination, Connelly wrote, he in fact discovered that all of his favorite work spots were “ perfectly conducive to sleep.” Dozing on a textbook, then, became a part of his daily routine.

Around the Ivies

(02/19/15 4:25pm)

Brown University: In preparation for Valentine’s Day, students at Brown University planned not only to engage in traditional activities — including dinner dates and weekend trips away from campus — but also to use the holiday for nontraditional activities including fundraising, The Brown Daily Herald reported. Students planned to raise money for the University’s first annual dance marathon, Brunothon. Students also attended a discussion hosted by Brown’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority at which they attempted to define love, with responses including “putting someone else first” and “mutual respect.”

Dartbeat Mythbusters: Snowdays at Dartmouth

(02/19/15 12:43pm)

As Yik Yak has informed us, Harvard has had three snow days this year. Disgruntled and confused, many of us have been left wondering why we, in contrast, have had zero this term, despite our inarguable reputation as the Ivy with the coldest, snowiest climate (Cornell, I’m talking about Ivies). This has birthed a rumor that goes something like this: Dartmouth has never had a snow day, not since 1769, and it never will. While we do love the idea of attending an institution that is too BA to ever cancel classes, we decided to look into the claim. And what we found is that — to the surprise of many —Dartmouth has had in fact had a number snow days, even in the last forty years. Below, we’ve listed the three most recent Hanover snow days (as far as we can tell from available records):

Top Ten: "Soft" Alcohols

(02/18/15 5:45pm)

As most of our readers already know, Dartmouth students (at least those over the age of 21) have recently been hit hard by news of a hard-alcohol ban on campus, which will take effect this spring. For those who are able to stomach enough Keystone and Franzia to maintain their desired and CDC-approved level of intoxication —or for those who are under 21 and of course aren’t drinking alcohol anyway —the Moving Dartmouth Forward policy will likely not be a problem. But for those who would rather not chug copious amounts of Keystone, a beer recently ranked as the worst “currently sold on American soil,"we’ve put our research team (read: me!) to work looking for new, “soft” alcohol options that clock in below the ban’s likely 30-proof limit. So, when you’re planning a get-together in your dorm room or a prohibition-themed tails this spring, don’t forget to check back in on this list!

Ranking Hanover’s Best Hot Chocolate Pt. II

(02/18/15 1:40pm)

Earlier this winter, Dartbeat published an article ranking the best cup of hot chocolate in Hanover. This piece —if we may say so ourselves —was met with general acclaim. Although we covered Dirt Cowboy, Lou’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and KAF in our original investigation, it appears that we were guilty of leaving a single stone unturned. In other words, as anonymous commentator “anonym” pointed out, we skipped the hot chocolate on offer at Morano Gelato. So, to right this wrong, we dispatched a reporter out into the icy tundra to see if Morano’s hot chocolate was as good as its gelato. In keeping with the previous post, we asked our reporter to order a small hot chocolate, judging on its time of delivery, distance from campus, price, whipped cream quality and overall quality. Here are her results:

FoCo Joe: “The Breakup Treat”

(02/17/15 8:22pm)

Valentine’s Day is a strange holiday, if you ask me. Sadly —or happily, depending on your view —I have never had a significant other with whom to share the day. So this weekend, like usual, I spent my February 14 finding new ways to spend time with my friends. Given this nontraditional approach to Valentine’s Day, my mind naturally went to the foods less eaten on this most romantic of weekends for this week's column. After all, for those of us without a romantic partner, Valentine’s Day can feel pretty isolating. Thus was born the theme for this week’s dessert — celebrating those treats we eat alone, in isolation and in unashamed revelry.

Top Ten: Green Key Artists We Wish Programming Board Could Invite

(02/17/15 12:17pm)

We’re a practical bunch here @Dartbeat, and clearly we understand that our dream of having Beyoncé perform for Green Key was just a tad far-fetched. That said, we couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed with some of the options Programming Board blitzed to campus a couple of weeks ago. So, in order to make sure the Green Key voting process is as equitable as possible, we’ve compiled a list of additional suggestions that we’re confident Dartmouth could bring to campus this spring. Comment or tweet @dartbeatblog to cast your vote or to suggest an additional name!

What Dartmouth Students Say vs. What Dartmouth Students Mean

(02/16/15 4:44pm)

Here @Dartbeat, we’ve noticed that many of our Dartmouth peers (read: you guys) often have hidden, deeper meanings behind what they say —and not always in a good way. In fact, in our time collecting overheards, we’ve come to realize that a number of the phrases you bandy about in your day-to-day interactions lack any semblance of authentic meaning and should instead be interpreted in dramatically unrelated ways. So, in order to help you communicate more effectively, we’ve decided to sit down and compile a handy-dandy lexicon: what Dartmouth students say vs. what Dartmouth students mean. If you think we’ve missed one of campus’s most popular phrases —or if you think we’ve translated any of these incorrectly —let us know by commenting or tweeting @dartbeatblog!

Dartmouth’s Best Valentine’s Day Date Spots

(02/13/15 1:05pm)

With romance in the air, we’re well aware that many of our readers will be looking for a special date spot this weekend. Here @Dartbeat, we also know that many will find themselves stumped —where, besides your usual trek from FoCo to the library, can you take a special stroll with that special someone? Well, in the spirit of the holiday, we’ve decided to help out. Before you finalize your Saturday plans, take a moment to check out this list of potential date locations: