Hot or Not: Ranking the Ivy League’s Snapchat Filters

| 2/23/15 10:03am

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have a Snapchat these days. Frankly, many of us depend on the app as a primary means of communication —c’mon, who hasn’t sent a hideous selfie to their best friends or used their story to send out a quick temperature update?

If you’re a Snapchat regular, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the app’s Geofilters, which have added location-based filters to our pre-game videos since 2014. Most of our readers, we suspect, will have already viewed Dartmouth’s Geofilter, Keggy the Keg smiling beside the classic phrase “Dear Old Dartmouth.” But unless you’ve all been heading out on Ivy League roadtrips, you probably haven’t seen the Snapchat Geofilters on offer around the rest of the Ancient Eight. So, in order to expand your Snapchat knowledge, we decided to investigate and rank Geofilters across the Ivy League. Results are as follows:

8. Yale

What's a good way to lose a Snapchat Geofilter ranking? Don't have a Geofilter. Get it together, Yale.

7. Cornell

Congrats on not finishing last, Cornell! But seriously, you’re not improving your reputation as the “easiest Ivy” by including a font that looks like it was written by a 4 year old at the bottom of your Geofilter....

6. Harvard

Wow!! Harvard, you REALLY impressed us with your perfectly centered cursive lettering. What’s next, maybe a single exclamation point?

5. UPenn