Dartmouth’s Best Valentine’s Day Date Spots

| 2/13/15 8:05am

With romance in the air, we’re well aware that many of our readers will be looking for a special date spot this weekend. Here @Dartbeat, we also know that many will find themselves stumped —where, besides your usual trek from FoCo to the library, can you take a special stroll with that special someone? Well, in the spirit of the holiday, we’ve decided to help out. Before you finalize your Saturday plans, take a moment to check out this list of potential date locations:

If you’ve taken an astro course: Head to the Dartmouth Observatory for stargazing, and tell your date you’ve named a constellation for them. Hope they don’t fact check.

If you’re bad at making conversation: Take your date to see a movie at the Nugget, a place where it’s perfectly acceptable not to chat. After, you’re immediately supplied with a conversation topic, discussing the film (while perhaps enjoying a treat from Morano Gelato next door).

If you want a good meal: While we all appreciate DDS, stay away from campus dining locations if you want great food. Downtown Hanover beckons with Market Table and Murphy's, and across the river in Norwich, Carpenter and Main has a special tasting menu on offer for the big day. Of course, if you’re feeling ambitious or don't want to spend big bucks, consider cooking a meal at home! If you need inspiration for a quality dessert, look no further then our own FoCo Joe, whose recipes can easily be translated into the comfort of your own home / common kitchen.

If you want to seem popular: Treat your date to a coffee at KAF. If you’re there for more than thirty-two minutes during the day, you’re bound to see at least seven people you know. And you can always ask your friends to help you out by “accidentally” bumping into you while you’re on your date. NOTE: This is really not a date.

If you want to transition to just being friends: This is always an awkward situation. Perhaps suggest to your date that you have a “homework party.” If they don’t get the hint, take them to Sanborn or Stacks Level 2, where you won’t be able to say a word without receiving death glares. Focus intently on your work.

If you want to show your date you’re a classic lover: On Saturday, the Hop will offer a special screening of “Gone With the Wind.” Nothing says “I’m a woman/man/non-gender binary conforming individual of romantic tastes” than classic lines like “I only know that I love you” and “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

If you want to let your date know you love them as much as Dartmouth: Walk your date to the Lone Pine behind Wilder Hall. As you look at the Pine, tell them they are the “lone” person for you. Observe the sun setting gently over campus.

Remember, regardless of your current relationship status, this date list can come in handy anytime. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dartmouth!