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Campus rapper Marcus "Ill Fayze" Reid '18 became famous for his rap "The McLaughlin Anthem."


Teach Me How to Rap

Just like any performance art, freestyle — and more generally, rapping — requires a combination of innate talent and learned skill.

Ilena Jones ’15 discusses how here low-income background affected her past four years at the College.


The invisibility of socioeconomic status: Low-income students discuss “culture shock”

I sat across from Ilenna Jones ’15 at a high-top table by the stairs in the Collis Center, just talking for half an hour. From my vantage point I could see countless students going about their days — leaving with cardboard stir fry containers in hand, checking flyers on the bulletin board for job and lecture postings, exiting Collis Market with ample snacks for their Sunday in the library.


The Art of Email

This is an age of brevity. Mounting time pressures shorten the day, and communication has become increasingly instantaneous and concise. In-person meetings become email threads, email threads become texting conversations and even written text often devolves into Emoji soup. On this campus, even the world “email” is clearly one syllable too long.


An "F" Word, But Not a Curse

While many students may identify as feminists, there is certainly a discrepancy in how students define the term. This disparity is not limited to students at the College, however, as even within the feminist movement and feminist academic circles, the word seems to cover a broad spectrum of beliefs and ideas.

Undergraduate advisers, who act as both peers and mentors, hold regular floor meetings to help foster a sense of community among floormates.


Changes That Run Deep

The new undergraduate advisors packed into Brace Commons to begin their fourth day of training for an exercise called “behind closed doors.” Each of them must open a door without knowing what they will find behind it, and apply their knowledge of College regulations and protocol — as well as their own intuition — to respond to the scenario.

Students attend an off-campus programs fair on Thursday.


The Rise and Fall of the FSP

Yet after just 535 students enrolled in off-campus programs in 2012-2013 — the latest year data is available — participation in off-campus programs has dropped 10 percent from the almost 600 students who studied abroad in 2008.

Through the Decades

With all of the passion, history and testosterone that come with the fraternity debate at Dartmouth, it’s hard to remain impartial and not be swept up in the issue’s politics and intricacies. Although for me, I suppose it’s a little easier not to generate too many opinions when I’m not actually allowed in.