10 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Page: The Frat Dog Edition

By Julia Vallone | 1/12/16 5:25am

The life of a frat dog can be taxing; From enduring the near constant attention of strangers to starring in endless Snapchat Stories, these pups have been escalated to a new level of notoriety. For those wishing to capitalize on this newfound fame, here are 10 tips for improving your social media page.

1.Throw on your new Canada Goose/Bean Boot combo and strike a pose.

2.Show some skin. Nothing says top dog like the blatant display of neck rolls.

3.Post pictures from your winterim trip to the Bah-paw-mas.

4.Put your gourmet organic vegan dog food on display.

5.Let your puppy pals know how wasted you were Saturday night.

6.Make sure everyone knows you live a balanced lifestyle. Include the occasional workout pic.

7.Reinvent the sorority squat.

8.Warm hearts with some puppy love.

9.Post a #tbt with the sibs.

10.Publish that fresh-from-the-groomers selfie.

Julia Vallone