Would You Rather: Dartmouth Spring Edition

By Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff | 4/7/15 10:23am

Spring has 15Sprung in sunny Hanover, NH — meaning that there’s still a foot of snow, the Big Green more closely resembles the Big Brown and there are more people on campus then you’ve ever seen in your life. Who are you all? Are you a ’16, back from an off-term? An ’18 who’s 15Stillwondering where Silsby is? Either way, sometimes, you just have to make the hard choices (like shoving that guy out of the way in the Collis smoothie line whether he’s a ’15 or an ’18 — 15Sorrynotsorry). But the question is, what would you rather…?

Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff