If Dartmouth Administrators Had Twitter

By Caroline Berens, The Dartmouth Staff | 1/26/15 7:39am

Here @Dartbeat, we’ve tweeted @HanlonStache enough times to realize that our esteemed President, despite having a tremendous mustache, is not in fact on twitter. So, to fill the void left by his and other administrator’s absences, we’ve imagined what the twitter profiles of President Phil Hanlon ’77, Director of GLOS Wes Schaub, Undergraduate Dean Natalie Hoyt and Provost Carolyn Dever might look like. We’ve also re-imagined the twitter of Dean of Admissions Maria Laskaris, who hasn’t used her account since 2012, when she sent a grand total of four tweets.

Phil Hanlon | @mrpresident

Proud graduate, current President @Dartmouth College. Why is 6 afraid of 7?


Wes Schaub | @dartmouthgreeklife

Busting mine saving yours.


Natalie Hoyt | @choatesmom
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students @Dartmouth, shoulder for the Choates to cry on.


Carolyn Dever | @provostnotprovolone
If it’s 19th-century British, I’ve probably studied it.


Maria Laskaris | @MariaLaskaris
What will impress us is YOU. ED Deadline Nov. 1, RD Deadline Jan. 1


The Dartmouth Web Staff contributed reporting

Caroline Berens, The Dartmouth Staff