Important 14F Dates

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 9/15/14 5:00am

Things can get hectic at the start of term, so here is a comprehensive list of all the important dates you need to know to get through the first two weeks.

9/15: Fall term classes begin!

9/15: '17s, this one's for you. Add/Drop period begins at 8:00am. Instructor permission to add courses is not necessary.

9/17: Make sure to check in for fall term on Banner by Wednesday to avoid the $50 fine!

9/23: Okay, so you forgot to check in and were fined. No biggie. But this is the real deal - final day to check in without becoming liable for administrative withdrawal (if you are enrolled pattern shows an R).

9/28: Have your two, three, or four course load finalized.

9/29: Last chance to NRO that course you're already super stressed about after the first two weeks.

The Dartmouth Web Staff