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April 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note

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Now that Green Key has passed, we ask — did “Everybody Talks” provide you with enough musical relief before finals? Did splashing around in puddles on Saturday unlock your inner child? Have you overcome the mountain of work that undoubtedly piled up throughout the weekend? We at Mirror hope your Green Key — whether it was your first or your last — lived up to your expectations. 

Unfortunately, Green Key’s passing signifies the beginning of the final stretch of the school year. Group projects must be hastily thrown together after weeks of struggling to find a time to meet. Exams must be stressed over and study guides must be meticulously read. But, this last week before finals also offers the last time having to drag yourself to office hours, or the bliss of completing your final study guide and getting to join your friends for sunset on the green. 

This week at Mirror, our writers tackle a variety of pressing issues. One writer explores the mysterious tunnels under the green, and what they mean as we transition to a cleaner energy system. Another writer investigates the history of jazz at Dartmouth, while a third dives into the upsides, downsides and turning points along the “pre-med” track. Finally, we explore gender inequality in academia — and how it impacts professors here at Dartmouth.

Though the end of the term is always a chaotic and exhausting time, we at Mirror want to continue to tackle both the serious and the lighthearted with everything you have left— while also adding a touch of introspection to it all. We hope this edition’s offerings make your Week 9 a little brighter.