Editors' Note

by Omala Snyder , Street Roberts and Tess Bowler | 4/5/23 2:00am

by Elaine Pu / The Dartmouth

If you’re reading this, it means you survived Week 1 — congrats!

Between catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a term or two or attempting to get your internship applications out of the way, the beginning of the quarter can seem even more chaotic than midterms or finals season. Amidst the disorder, there are always aspects of spring term that never seem to change. Freshmen are at the end of their first year, and seniors are nearing the conclusion of their time at Dartmouth. Juniors and sophomores — the middle children of Dartmouth — are feeling the full effects of the D-Plan as we scramble to make new friends and catch up on those distribs we swore we were going to take last term. And, of course, there’s always the weekly edition of Mirror. 

In this issue, one writer figuratively travels from Mexico City to Appalachia to explore Dartmouth-sponsored spring break trips, while another contemplates the concept of “home” and its ambiguity during our college years. We shine a spotlight on juniors that have returned to campus after multiple terms away, as well as the experiences of transfer and dual-degree students. And finally, in light of high school seniors’ upcoming decision day, students from each year reflect on their choice to attend Dartmouth. 

Whether you’re still shopping for classes (like one of our editors) or you’re perfectly on track with your five year plan, we hope we’ve given you a minute to breathe before the term really starts to kick in.