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June 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors' Note

2023-04-18 20.40.38.jpg

Just when we all thought the sun was here to stay, this week got off to a gray and gloomy start. This past weekend let us have a brief taste of summer –– between river dips under fierce bouts of sun to running hurriedly inside to escape cool April showers, visions of summer are beginning to seem closer. If only the summer preview had lasted a bit longer, but alas, Hanover continues to  jolt between hot and cold, reminding us that springtime here is nothing short of unpredictable. 

This week at Mirror, we explore the seasonal back-and-forth this time of year brings. One writer chronicles her experience skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine, while another visually documents and describes the glimpses of spring she sees around Hanover. Another writer explores the potential legalization of marijuana in New Hampshire and what it could mean for Dartmouth’s policies. Lastly, one writer writes about the power compliments hold.

Between the fluctuations in the weather and the shifting pace of time as we arrive at Week 4, this point in the term can be challenging. Whether you are nervously preparing for your upcoming midterms, stressing over summer internship uncertainty or meticulously planning your Green Key outfit, we hope this edition of Mirror adds a little more joy and warmth to your week.