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April 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Dartmouth hosts first in-person Dimensions in four years

On April 17, Dartmouth hosted the first round of in-person Dimensions since before the pandemic for admitted students in the Class of 2027.


On April 17, Dartmouth hosted its first in-person Dimensions — a program aimed at allowing admitted students to experience a snapshot of life at the College — since 2018, admissions director Paul Sunde said. According to Sunde, a collective 650 admitted students in the Class of 2027 confirmed attendance to Dimensions, which will offer a second event on April 24. 

Members of the Class of 2027 can choose whether to come for the day or stay overnight with a current student, Sunde said. He added that student hosts will also be available on alternate dates for admitted students who missed the scheduled Dimensions programming. 

The robust schedule for both weekends includes academic open houses, campus tours, a student activities and support services fair, the chance to sit in on a class with a student host, family welcome events, faculty presentations and meals on campus, Sunde said.

“What we’re trying to do is offer as much of an opportunity to get to know as much of Dartmouth as possible in one day,” Sunde said. 

Sunde said that the full Dimensions experience requires the effort of many distinct groups on campus. 

“We reach out broadly across the faculty and the administration and student organizations and every part of Dartmouth to say, ‘We’d love for you to be involved,’” Sunde said. “And people are incredibly responsive and generous with their time.”

Sunde explained that this year’s Dimensions is a “hybrid” of pre-pandemic and pandemic programming, combining the best aspects of both to create a memorable experience. 

“I think the first thing that we learned from COVID is how important virtual programming is, and so the first two weeks of the month are dedicated to virtual programming.” Sunde said. “Now [the admitted students] coming are even better prepared to make the most of their time here.”

Student host and admissions blogger Chidera Duru ’25 said that she hopes admitted students will  see what their college experience might look like if they decide to attend Dartmouth. 

“I think it’s just nice for people to know what their college environment can bring them for the next four years, what they’re signing up for and how that can help them really come into themselves,” Duru said.

Sunde noted that he hopes those who attend Dimensions get an “authentic appreciation” for how the College could match their interests and aspirations.

“One of the big things I think about is Dartmouth is [that it’s] a unique place,” Sunde said. “I think what we offer and the way we offer it is unique –– I think our community is unique. This is an amazing place.”

Anisha Singhal ’27, an admitted student from New York City, said she has not yet decided on where to attend college but is looking forward to seeing Dartmouth’s campus for the first time and meeting potential future classmates. 

“I feel like one of the biggest indicators of how your college experience is going to be is the people you’re around all the time,” Singhal said. “I just want to gauge the vibes of those students.” 

Singhal said she is excited about what Dartmouth’s location can offer her as a city native. 

“I’ve heard that Dartmouth has this really magical charm to it and this close-knit community,” she said. “That’s something that I’m excited about.”

Matthew Dame, another member of the class of 2027, echoed Singhal’s hope that attending Dimensions would help him decide between multiple potential colleges, looking most for insight into classes and the social scene on campus. 

“I feel like I’ve heard a lot about Greek life and want to hear from students what their opinions are on the dominance of Greek life and what options there are outside of fraternities and sororities on campus,” Dame said.

Duru explained that she chose to host two admitted students during Dimensions, so that she can offer them insights and information that she did not know entering her freshman year.

“I want them to know what Dartmouth has for them, so they can see if Dartmouth is what they actually want,” she said.

According to Sunde, hundreds of current students volunteered to act as both day hosts and overnight hosts. He attributed this year’s “great response” to the return of in-person programming for Dimensions for the first time in four years.

“I think all of us in admissions are really excited for this time with our admitted students who we’re so invested in,” Sunde said. “On the other hand, for us, it’s this appreciation for how the Dartmouth community responds and rallies. We’ve been reading applications for months and now we all get to have fun. This is the fun part.”