Editor's Note

by Street Roberts | 7/8/22 3:00am

by Zooriel Tan / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

The summer has finally arrived. For many Dartmouth students, that means a glimpse into the real world of internships and nine-to-five jobs in big, scary cities. For others, that means exploring the world or seeing old friends who have disappeared throughout the rigor of the Dartmouth year. But for the members of the Class of 2024 —  and a few ’23s sprinkled in —  sophomore summer has begun. And as we stumble into week four (how is it already week four?), we have all felt the change that sophomore summer brings. 

In this issue, we dive into that theme of change. We start with one writer’s exploration into the wide range of student body reactions to the historic Roe v. Wade decision earlier last  week. Another writer speaks to both instructors and students of the immensely popular summer sailing class at Dartmouth Yacht Club. Finally, one writer explores the beauty of the summer performance groups — and details his own attempt to step outside his comfort zone. 

Although this summer already seems to be flying past our fingers — and I desperately try to hang onto the wild ride — I hope this issue of Mirror gives you the chance to reflect upon this period of change, both the exciting opportunities and the sobering realities. Here’s to sophomore summer. 

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