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April 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note


We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Week 9 is tough. Daylight savings means that the sun sets before 2As are even over — and in our final weeks of the term, it’s likely we’re all leaving the library well past the last flicker of daylight (unless you’ve pulled an all-nighter, but well, then you’ve got bigger issues). Your professors are likely scrambling to finish the course curriculum before the 10-week mark, and it’s possible that you’ve found yourself over a month behind on textbook readings that you’ve just discovered will, in fact, be on the final.

This week in Mirror, we don’t shy away from week nine scaries. We talk about the COVID-19 spike on campus and reflect on Librex’s role at Dartmouth. We also highlight parts of campus that distract us from the stress of school, such as The Nugget — Hanover’s only movie theater — the beloved DDS employee Souleyman — who joins us for a Q&A — and non-Greek social spaces.

Soon, we’ll be at week 10 and the term will have flown by, as it always seems to do. The end of our suffering is nigh; in just a few short weeks, exams and papers will seem as far away as a speeding Domino’s car late in the night. But in the bustle of schoolwork and end-of-term packing, we would all do well to reflect on this term; whether it be your first fall or your last, your favorite term so far or your toughest. All good — and bad — things must come to an end, and we’re almost there. 

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