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The Dartmouth
April 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note

As Homecoming weekend approaches, Mirror writers investigate communities on campus.

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There’s something so special about the energy of campus leading up to a big weekend. Maybe it’s the intersection of students studying for midterms in Baker-Berry with students stumbling home from frat row (because going out on a Monday is fine if it’s for the sake of tradition, right?). Or maybe it’s that unique, palpable sense of community and history that flows through campus as alumni trickle into Hanover. Week 4 is also that time of the term when students begin to solidify their communities on campus — whether that’s through Greek life, club sports, performing arts  groups or even deciding to write for the school newspaper (which sounds pretty fun, in our completely unbiased opinions).

This week at Mirror, we welcome our new writers and ask them what excites them about journalism. We investigate what’s behind those witty captions on the Dartmouth Library Instagram posts and share student experiences with club sports tryouts. One writer reflects on occupying traditional social spaces on campus as a queer person. 

This Homecoming week will remind us all of the long-standing traditions that bind us to the College. But traditions are not all that unite us — so do the stories we tell and share. We hope you find time during the excitement of this week to listen to these stories and maybe tell some of your own.