Editors' Note

And so we meet again, remote spring term.

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 3/31/21 2:00am

by Lila Hovey / The Dartmouth

And so we meet again, remote spring term. We’ve been navigating Zoom University for over a year now, yet the thought of joining a classroom from a computer screen is still strange. But whether it’s the change in the weather or the promise of imminent vaccinations, there is no doubt that this remote spring term will be different. With hope on the horizon, Dear Old Dartmouth is starting to feel familiar again. 

This week in Mirror, we sit down with professor, physician and epidemiologist Elizabeth Talbot to discuss vaccines and how they could affect future Dartmouth terms. We also talk to students about their hopes and fears for spring term following the recent winter outbreak. Additionally, one writer shares her reimagined definition of home. Finally, we introduce “Dear Dartie,” a new anonymous advice column for those with hopes and fears of any sort this term. 

The beginning of a new term always comes with changes, but for the first time in what feels like forever, these changes seem positive. After a year of anticipation, spring may finally be in the air.