Mirror Asks: Winter Edition

by The Mirror Staff | 2/3/21 2:05am

by Samantha Burack / The Dartmouth

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of winter at Dartmouth?

Ethan August ’23: Snow.

Ella von Baeyer ’24: Puffy winter coats.

Christina Baris ’22: Conflicted. I love the snow, but I also like being able to feel my fingers when I walk outside. 

Arielle Feuerstein ’24: I think of a big snow sculpture! This is my first Hanover winter so I haven’t been here to see it firsthand yet, but I've heard so much about Winter Carnival and I’ve seen photos of these insane snow sculptures on the Green. 

Emma Ginsberg ’23: Frostbite, hypothermia and other temperature-related medical conditions. 

Eva Legge ’22: Hiking up then butt-sliding down a snowy mountain!

Meghan Powers ’23: Snow.

Street Roberts ’24: The snow-covered Green.

Kate Yuan ’23: My eyelashes freezing and getting stuck together.

Omala Snyder ’24: Cold! But cozy. 

Favorite winter activity in Hanover?

EA: Studying.

CB: A tie between skiing at the Skiway and skating on Occom. Sledding at the golf course is a close second.

AF: I’ve been having a blast ice skating on the Green.

EG: The annual snowball fight on the Green! Mercilessly obliterating my closest friends with the very frozen ground upon which they all shall fall in cold defeat always puts me in a cozy, wintery mood.

EL: Sledding on the steep hill leading down to BEMA.

MP: Sledding.

SR: Skiing. 

OS: I've never been in Hanover during the winter.

KY: Skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway.

Cold weather drink of choice?

CB: Dirt Cowboy's hot chocolate for sure!

EB: Mulled wine.

AF: Definitely hot cocoa!

EG: The water thawing out of my frozen eyelashes.

EL: Warm ginger bubble tea.

MP: Coffee.

SR: Hot chocolate.

OS: Hot chocolate. 

Best way to stay warm in the winter?

KY: Cuddle for warmth.

EA: Eating.

CB: Layers — lots and lots of layers!

EB: Hibernate.

AF: I’m sure everyone else already knew this, but wearing a hat makes way more of a difference than I thought it would. I now never leave my dorm without my trusty pom-pom hat.

EL: Cozied up with a latte and a great book in Still North!

MP: So many layers.

SR: Extra socks. 

OS: Stay inside and turn the heat up.

Be honest: Do you like the snow?

EA: It's alright.

CB: Love it. 

EB: Yes!

AF: I love the snow! I live in Maryland and it snows there, but it’s usually not enough to stick on the ground, so I always get excited seeing all the snow here.

EG: They may call it "snow," but it's a "sn-yes" from me!

EL: Coming from Texas, I LOVE the snow!

MP: Yes.

SR: Only when I’m not cold. 

OS: Yes. 

KY: Only when it's freshly fallen and really fluffy.

Endless humid summer or continuous chilly winter?

EA: Humid summer.

CB: Oh, chilly winter! My hair and the humidity do not mix well. 

EB: Chilly winter.

AF: That’s a tough one, but I’d say continuous chilly winter. I love being able to go skiing or sledding whenever I want. It’s also easy to wear layers to warm up, but it’s a lot more difficult to cool off outside if it’s hot and humid. 

EG: Summer. Who needs the cold when you're already cool?

EL: Continuous chilly winter.

MP: Chilly winter.

SR: Endless humid summer. At least the sun is out. 

OS: Endless summer.

Favorite winter comfort food?

EA: Soup.

CB: Chicken noodle soup.

EB: Waffles.

AF: I’d say mac and cheese. It’s my go-to comfort food year-round, and winter is no exception. 

EG: Soup!!

EL: Impossible burger and sweet potato fries from the Hop.

MP: Anything hot.

SR: Chili.

OS: Ramen.

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