Mirror Asks

by The Mirror Staff | 10/7/20 2:05am

by Sophie Bailey / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Where are you currently living?

Caris White ’23: Enfield, New Hampshire.

Anne Johnakin ’23: Maine.

Jaymie Wei ’22: Boston!

Emma Ginsberg ’23: Raleigh, North Carolina.

Marimac McRae ’21: In Hanover!

Solenne Wolfe ’24: Russell Sage.

What’s your favorite aspect of fall in Hanover?


AJ: All of the fall-flavored foods from Foco (pumpkin, apple cider, maple syrup, etc.).

JW: Petting the dogs of Dartmouth alumni at Homecoming.

EG: Farmers’ markets! I vividly remember my first visit to the Hanover farmers’ market: I got to pet a puppy, I got fancy ice cream and it all happened to live acoustic music. I felt like those people in medicine commercials who go about their beautiful, idyllic days completely oblivious to the long list of side effects being narrated over them. Fortunately, the only side effect of farmers’ markets is unfettered fall fun.

MM: Obviously the foliage! But the foliage in every way: underfoot on sidewalks, framing Dartmouth buildings and viewed from above on Gile.

SW: Refreshingly cool air.

Breakout rooms: yay or nay?

CW: Yay.

AJ: Nay, unless I know everyone in said breakout room.

JW: Only if I'm with other yay-ers.

EG: Yay, because fewer people in the Zoom room means bigger tiles. I appreciate that breakout rooms afford people a more complete view of my dog, who likes to sit in the background of my calls. (And also of my stunning visage, of course.)

MM: Yay!

SW: Yay!

What news source have you been consuming the most recently?

CW: The New York Times.

AJ: My local newspapers from back home in Virginia.

JW: The Boston Globe … support local news!

EG: My dog barks whenever deer come through our front yard, keeping me well-attuned to the most important current events.

MM: Honestly, The Dartmouth.

SW: The New Yorker.

What’s your favorite fall food?

CW: Pumpkin pie.

AJ: Apple cider doughnuts.

JW: Foco's apple butternut squash soup.

EG: Maple! Anything maple! The superior fall flavor!

MM: Butternut squash.

SW: Candy corn.

Do you have any fall traditions?

CW: Hiking Gile.

AJ: I'm trying to start a new tradition where I carve pumpkins and name them after “Love Island” contestants. This will be the second year.

JW: Getting sick.

EG: I love so many awful, campy horror musicals. I watch them all year long, but it’s doubly enjoyable in the fall because people think I’m doing it to be seasonally appropriate, and not just because I have bad taste.

MM: Watching football with family and friends.

SW: Nope!

What silver lining have you found this term?

CW: Getting to spend more time in the outdoors.

AJ: I'm living with friends, and that's been a lot of fun so far.

JW: My friends and I more often have the same flavor of existential crisis.

EG: My classes! This is the first term I’m taking classes in my major, modification and minor all at the same time. It’s really nice to be completely focused on the things I love this term.

MM: Finding new ways to connect — and they’re working!

SW: Getting to be on campus at all!

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