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The Dartmouth
June 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editor's Note

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Sophomore summers are usually filled with idle days spent swimming in the Connecticut River and long nights spent trying yet another flavor at Ice Cream Fore-U. The summer provides a unique opportunity for Dartmouth students to enjoy the beauty of New England while bonding as a class. This year — with the Class of 2022 spread out across the globe amidst a global pandemic — is noticeably different. 

But that is not to say that we lack the unity traditionally associated with sophomore summer. This summer, the Dartmouth community, like many communities across the nation, has come together to advocate for equity and inclusion, starting with the issues within our own institution. In this issue, we explore the impact of social justice movements across college campuses. The Dartmouth Outing Club, the largest student organization on campus, has made efforts to decrease its barriers to entry so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors. We also examine hunger strikes on campuses from Stanford to Harvard and the changes they led to.

As we reflect on a summer spent fighting for justice, how do we ensure that our activism is not a trend? After all, the fight for equality does not end with an Instagram post or a fundraiser.