Mirror Asks

by The Mirror Staff | 5/20/20 2:05am

by Sophie Bailey / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

What was the last thing you did before social distancing began?

Jaymie Wei ’22: Wrote an incoherent final paper before hitching a ride home.

Zach Gorman ’21: I bought a bunch of United Airlines stock.

Kate Yuan ’23: My friends and I went on a hike and then got lunch.

Anne Johnakin ’23: On the day we all left Hanover, my friends and I woke up super early to sneak in one last meal at Lou’s. It’s a good memory, but we were all so sad that we had to leave.

Christina Baris ’22: I got brunch with my friends before leaving campus.

Claire Callahan ’22: Went to work at my internship in Washington D.C.!

Emma Ginsberg ’23: I went out and bought a blank white jacket and have spent quarantine embroidering over it! I have no idea what to do with the sleeves, so please blitz me if you have ideas.

Marimac McRae ’21: Figured out how to ride the subway in New York City.

Describe your current study space and how it compares to your favorite spot at Dartmouth.

JW: I've colonized my dining room. It's quiet and there's plenty of table space, but it's so close to the bathroom that fellow Zoomers can hear the toilet flush if I forget to mute myself. I miss the patio outside the Onion. It gave me rustic vibes, and one time a squirrel visited me there.

ZG: My room at home is slightly bigger than my room at Dartmouth — not to mention my desk has four drawers instead of just three. It's quite the upgrade.

KY: I used to do my homework at the kitchen table at home, but with virtual learning, I actually had to order a desk for my room. I usually study at a circle table on 4FB, and I miss it a lot.

AJ: I didn’t get a desk until a few weeks into the term, but I finally picked one up. Now I just sit in the corner of my room doing work all the time. Definitely not the same vibes as Sanborn or One Wheelock, but sometimes I turn on coffee shop noises to make it feel a bit more like Dartmouth.

CB: My current study space is my bedroom. I'm reminded why I never study in my dorm. I can't study too close to my bed. It always ends with me taking a nap.

CC: When the weather is nice, I work on my front porch. I love studying outside and it’s nice that it’s warmer here than at Dartmouth, but I really miss Sanborn.

EG: My desk at home is covered with plants, so it's just like the greenhouse but without the misters!

MM: I am reusing my high school study space — a desk in my room — and I have begun to max out the number of hours that I can actually complete quality work.

What's your favorite quarantine trend and why?

JW: Not sure if this is a trend, but Netflix Party has been a great way to connect with friends without having to look presentable.

ZG: I like the fact that everyone's wearing masks because now I can wear a mask to the bank and not get escorted out again.

KY: Baking! I love seeing everyone's creations. 

AJ: I’m enjoying seeing everyone cut and dye their hair. I dyed my hair orange a few weeks back, and that was super fun.

CB: Definitely baking! As basic as it may be, I really do love banana bread. 

CC: I hate to admit it, but I’ve gotten very into TikTok. It cracks me up that a ton of the college students who were flaming it for months now use it out of boredom.

EG: Baking! The world is better when there's bread in it.

MM: Yelling "somebody come get her."

What's the weirdest quarantine dream you've had?

JW: I was traversing a rock wall with a 200-foot drop and no harness. It was part of some death-defying obstacle course — think American Ninja Warrior, but for Alex Honnold. I almost made it to the other side but couldn't find a last foothold, so I had to turn back. When I woke up, my palms were sweaty, and I was late for drill.

ZG: I had this crazy dream where I sat in a chair and a stranger cut my hair with scissors. I even paid them afterwards. What a strange thought.

AJ: Oh gosh, I’ve had too many to count. I constantly have dreams where I’m at the airport about to leave and then all the flights get canceled because of coronavirus and I’m trapped.

CB: I honestly haven't had too many weird dreams that I remember. I've had some dreams where I'm back at school with my friends. How rude of my subconscious! 

CC: My friends and I had to compete in this crazy obstacle course orchestrated by a landlord in order to get the lease to an off-campus house.

EG: I had a dream that I took a ride on the Magic School Bus, but instead of Ms. Frizzle, the bus was driven by the illustrious Stephen Sondheim, the most revolutionary late 20th century theatrical composer and lyricist.

MM: I saved the neighbor's dog from being killed by a coyote with a hedge trimmer that was essentially a chainsaw.

Have you picked up any interesting hobbies lately?

JW: When I wave “hi” to people, I try to time it just right so that it seems like I noticed them at exactly the same time as they noticed me. It's actually quite difficult.

ZG: I've been learning to play the guitar. It's hard, but I think I've made some good progress! Also, I've gotten really into panic attacks.

KY: I've been trying to learn Photoshop. 

AJ: I’ve made bagels a few times. They’re no NYC bagel, but I’m getting there.

CB: I've tried recreating all my favorite coffee drinks. Maybe that's my way of coping with the loss of KAF. 

CC: I’ve been very into letter beads. I strung some of my favorite short quotes together (from books and movies) to create a hanging wall craft.

EG: I don't know if this counts as a hobby, but I just figured out how to convincingly sing the mysterious siren call from Frozen II. I am excited to use this power for evil when other humans are once again within earshot. Also, I've been raising a Venus flytrap. His name is Seymour and I love him like a son. 

MM: I have started listening to the horrible music I listened to in high school again.

What is something that has surprised you about taking online classes?

JW: How many professors thought we did the readings before remote learning.

ZG: As it turns out, virtual group project partners can let you down just as much as real group project partners.

KY: Sunday scaries have become Friday scaries because everything seems to be due on Friday at midnight.

AJ: It’s surprising how unfocused I can be at home. I did all my homework here when I was in high school, so it’s not a totally new experience, and yet it feels much harder.

CB: Taking four classes is unfortunately still a lot of work. 

CC: I knew that class quality would take a hit, but online classes have really made me appreciate the usual quality of Dartmouth classes much more. Online writing workshops do not compare to real roundtable ones!

EG: I decided to take a computer science class this term to get a TLA distribution while grades were pass/fail, but I accidentally fell in love with the course material! I'd never considered myself a tech person before, but I'm already surfing the CS course listings for next term! 

MM: How difficult they can be for students with learning disabilities. 

What's the first thing you want to do when you get back to campus?

JW: Get a Yonanas from Collis.

ZG: At this point, I don't remember what campus looks like anymore. Isn't it in Vermont or something?

KY: Get Collis pasta and a smoothie and enjoy it on the Green!

AJ: Probably take a walk around Occom Pond. That’s where I go when I want to be reflective, and I think I’ll need a bit of that when this is all over.

CB: Hug all my friends. 

CC: Eat breakfast on Collis porch on a sunny day with my friends!

EG: Go to rehearsal with my Shakespeare company, the Rude Mechanicals! I miss those nerds so much.

MM: Have an intense reunion with my flair bin, scream “somebody come get her” on the Green, get back on the GDX and APhi roofs, check out Shakespeare's First Folio and be with the community in-person again. Sharing the space of Dartmouth is so special, and I haven't ever appreciated that as much as I do now. 

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