Samantha Hussey


Samantha poses with two friends after running 20 laps around the Homecoming bonfire her freshman fall. 


TTLG: Making Dartmouth Home from Far Away

When people find out that I go to Dartmouth, they often ask me, “How do you like it?” Even though I should know how to respond as a rising senior, it’s a question that I still struggle with.


The Weekend Roundup: Week 2

Women's Rugby On Saturday, the top two Ivy League Rugby and National Intercollegiate Rugby Association teams went head-to-head with the Big Green dominating Harvard University 55-13.


Student Managers

Football Name: Caroline Allen ’20 For how long have you managed the football team? I started managing last spring, so my freshman spring, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Why did you apply? I want to work in sports when I’m older so I thought it was a good opening opportunity, but I also applied  to football specifically because I really like football and I knew they had a really good community and  that it was a great team to be a part of. What are your responsibilities on the team? I film games and practices, so I help set up before practices, and then I also travel with the team.

Dartmouth fencing takes home eight titles in championship

This past weekend, the United States Associate of Collegiate Fencing Clubs hosted the 2018 USACFC National Championships, in which the Dartmouth College Fencing Club took home a total of eight titles from the team and individual events, earing the overall combined championship title.