Editors' Note

by Kylee Sibilia and Nikhita Hingorani | 9/25/19 2:30am

by Samantha Burack and Bella Jacoby / The Dartmouth

Just doing a simple Google search of the word “gender” reveals the role that the socially constructed definition of women and men has on the perpetuation of gender stereotypes. This, along with the history of gender neutral pronouns and the gender wage gap of the workforce, are just a few of the topics that pop up. At Dartmouth, the idea of gender is also often on our minds as we navigate Greek spaces, interact in classrooms and even introduce ourselves. Though some of us may think about gender more than others, we are all conscious of it nonetheless, and it affects many of the decisions we make on a daily basis. 

In this week’s Mirror, we explore the “apology gap” between men and women, analyze the gender ratio of Dartmouth’s faculty and look into the impact of the gender-inclusive Greek houses on campus. We also reflect on the new opportunity for students to choose their name, pronouns and gender identity on DartHub. 

As humans have become increasingly complex and intricate, so has gender and our relationship with it. It is no longer a binary thing. We are so much more than just “male” or “female.” We are friends, lovers, dreamers and adventurers. And for that, we should celebrate. Happy reading!