Mirror Asks

by The Dartmouth Staff | 6/28/19 2:00am

What was the best summer of your life?

Caitlyn McGovern ’21: Peak summer was 100 percent the one going into third grade. What I thought was the greatest movie ever created — “High School Musical 2” — premiered, I visited family in California and saw seals and I spent every day possible at the pool playing toothpaste and eating far too many rocket pops.

Nikhita Hingorani ’21: Last year, I spent the first part of the summer in Washington, D.C. interning for my district’s congresswoman on Capitol Hill and ended it volunteering for Trips with Lodj Croo. Those three months were some of the best I’ve ever had.

Florida Huff ’21: The best summer of my life was when I went to Ecuador for a month when I was 16 with a group of students from all over the country. We traveled to the Amazon and the Andes, met locals, stayed with homestay families and got to spend a week in the Galápagos snorkeling every day. I have so many lasting friendships from the program too, so it was definitely a summer to remember.

Jacob McGuire ’21: The best summer of my life was the summer between high school and college. I traveled for 10 days to Spain, France, Italy and Monaco on my first trip outside of the United States, and it was incredible.

Divya Pakianathan ’21: The summer right before freshman year at Dartmouth.

Elizabeth Garrison ’21: Can’t say for sure, but so far sophomore summer is shaping up to be the best summer ever!

Mink Brook or Ledyard Docks?

CM: Ledyard Docks at sunset with Tuk Tuk. 10/10 would recommend.

NH: Mink Brook. It’s so, so beautiful. I went there for the first time just a few days ago and it just reminded me of why I love Dartmouth’s location so much.

FH: Ledyard Docks because you can relax on the docks and soak up the sun!

JM: I’m very torn and love both locations, so I’m honestly not sure. I’m a member of Ledyard and thereby love the docks, but I’m also the Foley House UGA and live so close to Mink Brook, so both locations are incredible.

DP: Ledyard Docks because the town is cracking down on Mink Brook (lol read my article!)

EG: Ledyard Docks. I love watching the canoes as they pass by.

What’s your dream summer vacation?

CM: I’m from New Jersey and haven’t explored past the east coast much, so I would love to visit Yellowstone or Yosemite or the Redwood National Park.

NH: Anywhere in Greece or anywhere in Hawaii.

FH: I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand — I’ve never been to that part of the world and the nature there is incredible!

JM: I’d love to go to Glacier National Park in Montana on a summer trip with my family, and I’m hoping to do this with them in the near future.

DP: Beaches, beaches, beaches.

EG: I have to go to Japan with my little brother one summer.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

CM: Strawberry!

NH: Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz. I love coffee in any form I can get it.

FH: Coffee chocolate chip.

JM: My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip!

DP: Salted caramel. 

EG: Cookies and cream.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

CM: I’m going to be off for the next two terms, so I’m looking forward to spending as much time possible with my friends before returning to civilization for seven months!

NH: Getting to know more ’21s and spending more time outdoors! 

FH: I’m looking forward to spending lots of time outside hiking, swimming, exploring New Hampshire and Vermont and enjoying the nice weather!

JM: I’m excited to get to know more members of my class and get more involved in Ledyard and other student groups.

DP: Farmers markets and short KAF lines.

EG: Celebrating my birthday with friends.

What’s your favorite food at a barbecue?

CM: Grilled peaches.

NH: Mac and cheese.

FH: Definitely the barbecue itself — I love a good pulled pork sandwich.

JM: When I was younger, I loved hot dogs but now I think hamburgers and a nice, healthy salad are the dream!

DP: Corn on the cob.

EG: Macaroni and cheese.

Do you have a favorite outdoor nap spot?

NH: Any area by water. That noise can put me to sleep instantly.

FH: Probably on the Green in a nice shady spot.

JM: I took an incredible nap last summer on the shore next to the Baker River at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. It was definitely one of my highlights during my time at the Lodge.

DP: There are bugs, so no.

EG: The Green.

What’s the best place to study outside?

CM: The BEMA! There’s outlets there and it’s always less crowded than the Green but equally as lovely!

NH: Facing Sanborn, the bench on the right. Specific, I know, but the sun hits that spot perfectly, and it’s also great for people-watching. 

FH: I love to study on Collis Porch or on the Green!

JM: I got some work done recently in BEMA and it was a good place to study!

DP: The tables outside Kemeny.

EG: By the river.