Swag That Sticks: Laptops at Dartmouth

by Christian Cano | 10/10/18 2:30am

Anjali Chikkula ’20:

Tell me about your stickers: “I really like Bob’s Burgers, Game of Thrones and Parks and Recreation, so I decided to put those on my laptop to remind me of happy things while I grind.”  

Favorite Sticker: “My favorite sticker is the Ben & Jerry’s one because I love Ben, and I love Jerry [two characters from Parks & Recreation].

Newest Sticker: “It would have to be the Dartmouth Bystander Initiative sticker.”

In the future: “I do see myself [getting more stickers] but probably not putting them on my laptop.”

Tadeas Uhlir ’19:

Tell me about your sticker: “I really like Rick and Morty. I was looking for a while and found one on Amazon, so I thought it would be cool. I got it last term.” 

Before coming to Dartmouth: “I think [putting stickers on laptops] was something new. I don’t think I’ve seen that a lot before, but now everyone has Mac [computers] here, so stickers are the only way to add something interesting.”

In the future: “I used to have a lot of stickers before, on my old laptop, last year. But this time, I think I’m just going to stick with the one.”

Melanie Gomez ’21:

Tell me about your stickers: “This one is from Gilmore Girls … I watch a lot of TV.”

How long have you had stickers: “Since I got my laptop cover, so early last year.”

Before coming to Dartmouth: “A lot of people in high school had them, so I’ve always kind of had them.”

In the future: “I do [see myself getting more stickers.] I just took off one off that was ripping apart, so now I have more space.”

Jessica Chen ’21:

Tell me about your stickers: “I collected them through various places. This one is from a state park in Wisconsin … I have family in New York and I go to New York all the time … This one is from Trips … This was a gift.”

Before coming to Dartmouth: “I had laptop stickers on my old laptop, but I got a new laptop.”

In the future: “I don’t often buy stickers unless I go visit somewhere and it’s a memory. Otherwise, I usually like to get free stickers. They’re pretty common on campus.”

Saige Gitlin ’22:

Tell me about your stickers: “My sister and I were both ordering stickers for our laptops because we decided to design them together a year ago. I wanted to get a lot of aspects of my personality, like all the things I like to do. I have a lot of outdoors stuff, like a hiking boot and a water bottle with mountains because I like hiking a lot. I have some science stuff because I’m a little bit of a science nerd.”

Before coming to Dartmouth: “I got [my stickers] before coming to Dartmouth … [Laptop stickers were] semi-common. Not super common, but I had them.”

Where her stickers came from: “There was this website called RedBubble that I ordered a bunch of stickers from.”

Favorite sticker: “I like my starfish one because it’s very colorful, and the first time I ever did research was on starfish.”

In the future: “I don’t think there’s any more room [for more stickers]. I also sticker my water bottles.”

Alec Rossi ’21:

Tell me about your stickers: “This sticker [in the center] is from Maui. I got that before coming to Dartmouth … to remind myself of the trip and my family at home. These two stickers [on the bottom] are from the Cape. I got these just to remind myself of stuff I do outside of Dartmouth and home. I thought they were kind of cool and went with the blue theme.”

Before coming to Dartmouth: “I’d say I definitely had [Dartmouth stickers] before coming to Dartmouth, but it’s definitely something that I noticed a lot of students had coming here. While I was conscious of them prior to matriculating, I’ve made more conscious effort, if I see something cool, to buy it now.”

In the future: “Probably not because I don’t like the overlapping. Plus, I feel like these [laptop cases] always end up breaking, so I don’t like putting too many [stickers] on it because then I feel like I’ll end up throwing this out at some point.”

Favorite sticker: “This [middle blue] one because I like the colors. It works well with the background.”

Isaac Kim ’22:

Tell me about your stickers: “[The cat sticker] is just from RipNDip — I really like the brand. I thought it was kind of cute. Mostly, I went to the mall, and my goal was to buy stickers, so I went to [skate shops] and saw the ones that spoke to me the most.”

Before coming to Dartmouth: “Three of these [stickers] were before Dartmouth, and then the rest were before. [They weren’t popular in my high school] at all, but I knew it was popular in college. Based on my friends already in college and their Snapchats, they had stickers on stickers.”

Favorite sticker: “More than likely, the cat on the milk carton.”

In the future: “I see myself getting more stickers. But I don’t want to get one sticker that will block three stickers, so I need to get them in a bundle so it covers a collective of stickers instead of just one area.”

Rossi is a member of The Dartmouth Staff.