Editors' Note

by Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne and Carolyn Zhou | 1/10/18 2:35am

Divisions. How are we divided? Everyday we are faced with a series of choices, placing ourselves into a series of categories. We also arrive on campus, with vastly different experiences and backgrounds, which have already placed us into different groups, at least on first glance.

What are the chief dividing factors that affect our Dartmouth experience, that affect which path we choose to the take when a path diverges in the woods? We divide our time, our love, ways of thinking ­­­— we divide ourselves. Is it possible to bridge the gaps that divide us and others within the larger community? Where are the divisions that exist in our community? In a time where America and many parts of the world seem to be ever the more polarized, will we be able to resolve our differences and work together?

In this issue of the Mirror, we’ve decided to explore various types of divisions at Dartmouth: the economic divide between Hanover and the rest of the Upper Valley, the division and unity that the housing community has brought to campus, the geographic divide causing first-years to have different fall experiences and the division between student-athletes and non-athletes. We’ve also included an article about the math department (divisions, get it?). When reading this edition, you may realize that we are less divided than you thought we were.

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