Editor's Note

by Alexa Green and Amanda Zhou | 8/14/17 12:20am

This article was featured in the 2017 Freshman Issue.

Dear Class of 2021,

For a while now, you’ve known you were coming to Dartmouth. Although you may have been excitedly telling everyone you know and proudly wearing Big Green gear, the reality of what exactly College will be like has yet to be actualized. You may have a lot of questions: What is “normal” in College? What should I bring when I pack? Will the food be any good?

We’re sure you’ve heard the statistics on your class — highest yield in 25 years, largest percentage of international students on record in addition to the seemingly meaningful SAT scores and impressive number of valedictorians.

It can be hard to imagine the personalities behind these numbers and much harder to envision sharing a place with them. College comes at you fast. The first weeks are full of learning new names and faces, figuring out where your classes are and deciding which of the dozens opportunities, programs and clubs you want to devote your time to.

Your freshman year is quickly approaching and perhaps unlike high school assignments, getting used to this place, that everyone seems to call home, is not something you can study for. With that said, we hope this issue of The Dartmouth can provide you with the current events of our community, advice and tips as well as the voices of current students so that the vague idea of Dartmouth can start to materialize. Every experience here is unique, but we hope that you learn from our stories.

Give yourself the chance to take the challenge head on. Operate outside of your comfort zone, reaching for opportunities that you may of never thought you’d be afforded. Go on a hike, join a random club and be inquisitive about something new. Remember you’re at Dartmouth for a reason; you and every other incoming freshman were chosen specifically to be a part of the Big Green. And we trust that in a bit, you’ll find a way to navigate, understand and impact this place.