Editors' Note

by Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne and Joyce Lee | 5/19/17 2:05am


Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne '19 and Joyce Lee '19 explored the various forms of "awakening" in this year's Green Key issue.

by Ishaan Jajodia and Ishaan Jajodia / The Dartmouth

This editors' note was featured in the Green Key 2017 Special Issue: "Awakening."

The arrival of spring and the many students returning from (purposefully timed) winter off terms jolts the College on the Hill awake. Spring is the much awaited time when the sun comes out of hiding, when flowers start to sprout from the trees — instead of falling from them — and when dense New Hampshire snow melts away to reveal our eponymous Green. The campus is awakened ­— Dartmouth is awakened.

For some people, waking up can be the most difficult part of their day. But there is a certain joy to it, in the way we are able to face a new morning, and there is a joy in the many ways we are given the opportunity to awaken ourselves to different topics, different people and even a different season. The word awakening holds different meanings for every person. For us, it meant the start of something vibrant and exciting, the discovery of things we may not have considered previously.

We wanted to produce an issue that provides writers room to explore their creativity. We wanted to explore how students become aware of different aspects of their identities, lives and ambitions during their time at Dartmouth. What is awakened within us during our time here? This issue’s aim is to open our eyes to different aspects of life on campus and also to explore the types of awakenings that happen within ourselves.

During the animated time of Green Key weekend, we invite you to also awaken yourselves and become aware about a different side to Dartmouth than the one you’ve known.