Editor's Note

by Lauren Budd and Hayley Hoverter | 10/5/16 12:20am

Everyone is trying to escape from something. For Lauren, it’s the boredom of her 9L, in which she finds mental respite in daydreams only to be horrified when she checks the clock and 20 minutes have passed with zero knowledge gained. Hayley responded by saying that she’s disappointed that she doesn’t have any more off-terms to use to escape her real-world problems. Apparently, you are not truly a member of this mythical Real World so long as you are enrolled at the College.

In this issue, we decided to explore how people escape at Dartmouth, from two intrepid writers literally escaping a locked room to distance runners to compulsive binge watchers. Read on to commiserate or discover new ways to avoid finishing that problem set.