Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 1/7/16 11:16pm

Happy Friday! We hope that you’re not spending the beginning of your winter term searching for summer internships like one of us is. Upon meeting her co-editor Caroline Berens for the first time this week, Hayley Hoverter was instantly jealous of Caroline’s youth. Although she’s less than a year older than her, Hayley longs for the easier days of her sophomore year, where the only challenge the upcoming summer posed was where to tan. Meanwhile, Caroline secretly envied Hayley for seeming to know what she wanted to do with her life — an ever-elusive pursuit for the taller co-editor.

But, as the Dartmouth axiom goes, if Caroline decides to do corporate recruiting this summer, she’s going to be taken from her life of leisure and will find herself on track to sleepless nights at Goldman.

And isn’t that much of the reason why we came to Dartmouth in the first place? To elicit an impressed eyebrow raise and approving nod from prospective employers when we reveal our school name at job interviews? (Or, in the case of Boston-bred Caroline, to prompt a confused smile as she explains that the college is in New Hampshire, or the classic, “You mean UMass Dartmouth?”) Or, was it to simply brag to people that you went to the same college as the creator of “The Mindy Project?"

This issue explores just that — what resources does Dartmouth give us to achieve our career goals? How many people actually want to “sell their souls?” Is there really a typical Dartmouth career trajectory? Can you look over Hayley’s resume? (No, really. I’m asking you. Please blitz me). We hope you enjoy reading this issue between edits of your LinkedIn page and trying to avoid slipping on the ice. Hopefully 2016 brings us all closer to our career goals.

Best,Caroline and HayleyP.S. Hayley has attached her resume to this, in case you’re interested.