Types of Type-A: Success Ideals

by Hayley Hoverter | 7/30/15 8:08pm


You can recognize her over sophomore summer in her clean office dress and heels.

We heard that she once sat next to Warren Buffet on a plane and she helped him with his stock portfolio. They know all of the right people. They keep their resumes in the plastic covering in front of their binder for all to see. They can write business memos in their sleep and make a P&L sheet with their eyes closed. When you meet them, they will add you on Linkedin before Facebook because they know that’s what is going to matter more in ten years.


They say “let’s do coffee” and you oblige only to find out later that they say that to the whole school. Their iCals are so full that it looks like some spilled a bunch of pastel marshmallows on their screens.

They still remember your name, birthday, and hometown from freshman floor meetings because they’re that good.

They’ve been invited to every after party of every campus performer (yes, even Lonely Boy).

The only drawback is that they once cut you in line at KAF to talk to their friends. But it was still a little awesome.


They set the curve in every class, so you once considered begging them not to study for the midterm. You knew it wouldn’t work, though – they were in the stacks on Green Key studying for finals weeks in advance. They’re in office hours with your professor to talk about research opportunities when you’re there to ask about a simple problem.

They’re single-handedly responsible for our school’s academic rigor and you gasped at them when they boldly asserted that they think “pong is for children.”


Who’s really like any of these people? No one – everyone loves pong.

At the risk of sounding like a camp counselor, none of us are one thing, and that’s what makes us special.

Whether you have spent or no time in office hours this term (isn’t this a sophomore summer tradition?) or don’t own an iron let alone a suit, you’ve probably figured out that it doesn’t matter.

So prep for that interview, go out every weeknight, and study more than you want to.To borrow an oft’-repeated phrase, everyone is just trying to do them.