If You Don't Know, Now You Know

by Charlie Rafkin | 4/2/15 7:20pm

Which meal plan should I buy?

Want to pad DDS’s coffers? The Convenience45 plan results in an average of $15.44 cost per meal swipe — which is more than paying out of pocket at any DDS location. Want the most efficient plan? That’ll be the SmartChoice20, where the per-swipe costs is just $8.75.

What should be my go-to complaint about DDS?

Nothing unifies campus life quite like a gripe. Now that DBA rolls over, though, students have floundered in their search for new complaints to raise against DDS. Solution: I think that FoCo’s “herb-crusted cod” is deserving of gripe status, and I urge campus to unite around it.

What is the most unique on-campus meal?

The General Tso’s queso at the Courtyard Cafe might be a culinarily incomprehensible mash-up of unlike cuisines that would make any restaurateur cringe. But it is damn tasty.