by The Dartmouth | 4/2/15 5:45pm


Located on 5 Allen Street, Everything But Anchovies has been operating since 1979. Contrary to its name, this pizzeria does serve anchovies, along with 30 other toppings. Currently, it is operated by the Dowd siblings, including Charlie Dowd, after whom a pizza special is named. The restaurant didn’t always have its signature quirky name — it used to be called Maureen’s Cafe until they held a town contest to rechristen the establishment. Other than its signature pizzas, EBAs also offers wings, pasta and sandwiches, among a variety of other options. Because it’s open later than any other restaurant in Hanover, it’s become the go-to source for drunk munchies and the final option for necessary sustenance on long all-nighters. Some of the best orders include the barbecue chicken pizza, Tuscany bread, garlic parmesan wings, bacon fries and buffalo chicken sandwich.Best dish: Meat lover’s pizza