If you don't know, now you know

by Charlie Rafkin | 2/26/15 7:51pm

How has V-February evolved?

Once just a week long, now the festivities encompass a month’s worth of events, including multiple performances and panels. In addition to excellent programming, they’ve upped their design game. Those flashy posters with a capital “V” framed by brackets? Positively eye-grabbing.

Is Dartmouth hypermasculine?

There’s no question that this place values masculinity. But it’s also a non-traditional masculinity — after all men feel comfortable wearing a dress and “prancing” for the Salty Dog Rag during trips — and more complex than simply “hypermasculine.”

Is gender performative?

Excellent question, Judith Butler! I’m so glad you asked. Here at The Mirror, we too consider gender to be produced and regulated through a constant repetition of actions. For fear of delving too deep into the production of a heterosexual matrix, let’s leave it as a “yes.” You might say that Judith Butler is The Mirror’s patronus.