If You Don't Know, Now You Know

by Charlie Rafkin | 2/19/15 7:14pm

What’s the most startling change you’ve witnessed since arriving on campus?

There have been overwhelming — and very positive — changes in campus climate even since the ’16s arrived here. An honorable mention goes to the loss of the FoCo salad bar where you could order salads at your convenience. R.I.P. A not-so-honorable mention goes to the introduction and sudden popularity of Yik Yak and Friendsy.

What’s the bucket-list change you’d like to see happen at the College?

A bolstered non-Greek social scene? Non-exploitative meal plans? A swimming pool on the Green? A kid can dream!

How can I start a new campus tradition?

So I love traditions. Tears start welling up when I hear the “Alma Mater,” and I happily leapt into Occom Pond freshman year for the polar plunge. Not sure where to locate the steering committee for Dartmouth traditions, but please petition them ASAP.