If You Don't Know, Now You Know

by Charlie Rafkin | 2/12/15 7:44pm

What’s the most romantic spot in Hanover?

Ah, idyllic Hanover! Isolation brings its perks — our cozy campus is replete with spots for cuddling and canoodling. Occom Pond and the River might make for popular choices, but I’d say the 1902 room. What could be more romantic than wooden tables, academic rigor and a keen awareness of your own mortality? If you can’t get snuggly in the fetid wasteland called 1902, then perhaps the romance just isn’t right.

What is Dartmouth’s “hookup culture” really like?

The only thing more stomach-churning than the phrase “hookup culture” is when older journalists aspire to explore “hookup culture” on college campuses. It’s really not that complex, and it’s also totally, utterly, completely played out. Turn your attention elsewhere, journalists. There are alcohol bans to investigate.

K, nice rant. Is love real?

I know that Mirror readers have lost many nights of sleep wondering about my thoughts on love. It’s trending on Yik Yak. It’s zoomed to the top of the questions that admissions officers must field. (The Mirror is known for its throngs of high-school readers, all of whom are fascinated by Charlie Rafkin’s inner life.) I’ll be brief. I’m a softie. I think it’s real.