Announcing the 2015 Directorate

by The Dartmouth | 11/9/14 7:37pm

The Dartmouth held its annual changeover event on Saturday to announce the new directorate. The following team will begin in January.



Katie McKay

Executive editors:

Jessica Avitabile

Luke McCann

Managing editors:

Laura Weiss

Sean Connolly

Jasmine Sachar

Opinion editors:

Emily Albrecht

Carson Hele

Mirror editor:

Charlie Rafkin

Sports editors:

Henry Arndt

Joseph Clyne

Arts editors:

Amelia Rosch

Joshua Koenig.

Dartbeat editors:

Joshua Koenig

Jessica Zischke

Chris Leech

Photo editors:

Natalie Cantave

Jin Lee

Multimedia editor:

Alex Moushey



Justin Levine

Finance and strategy directors:

Jasmine Xu

Amy Chang

Advertising directors:

Hayden Karp-Hecker

Addison Lee

Rachel DeChiara

Operations and marketing director:

Andrew Zhu

Design directors:

Kate Healy

Alison Guh

Technology director:

Robert Neuhaus

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