Trending @ Dartmouth

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 9/19/13 10:00pm


BEES: They're swarming Collis porch. We're not having it.

NEEDING A THIRD: Does anyone know an 11 that's easy but also interesting, the prof is really good and there are fun people in the class. I'm not picky.

SEARCHING FOR '17S: We know you're not in the basement asking for line and waiting at the bar so where exactly are you in the evenings? Rumors of an EBAs colonization and late-night Russell Sage book clubs abound. Your class is an enigma.

WHITE CHAIRS: The inauguration of a president is a new experience for some of us. For others, this is the second or third time we've seen the Wentworth Cup change hands.

LINES: There seem to just magically be more people at DDS locations during the first few weeks of term.