Editor's Note

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 9/10/13 10:00pm

by Rebecca Xu / The Dartmouth

In this special Orientation issue we take a look at Hollywood depictions of college life, reflect on some features of Dartmouth we wish had come with instructions, inquire how relationships from Trips may be affected by the new Greek Leadership Council policy and hear a student's first-hand account of the events unfolding in Cairo, Egypt. We hope these articles will not simply be informative to the incoming class, but rather invite discussion on issues we as a community continue to grapple with. There surely are parts of Dartmouth mostly logistical ones that require individual adjustment to an existing environment. But the parts of Dartmouth that truly define it are constantly changing, shaped by the ideas and actions of community members old and new. It's never too early to start thinking about the impact you want to make. Happy Orientation!