Trending @ Dartmouth

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 5/23/13 10:00pm


BRUISES: Otherwise known as Green Key tattoos.

VINE: The mobile app that allows you to make short, choppy videos whenever you want. It's addicting, and maybe one day we'll actually be good at it.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: We know this one's a repeat but since the glorious weekend has finally arrived, we thought it was definitely worth mentioning. Netflix has been teasing us mercillesly but we know the question on everyone's mind is...her?

ENDINGS: It's time for our last P.E. class, our final a capella shows and our last Mirror of the term. When spring ends, its a big deal, but don't forget that no matter how corny it sounds every ending is a new beginning.

THUNDERSTORMS: Some of you were lucky enough to be up for Tuesday's 5 a.m beauty. We'll take anything to break the humidity.