Editor's Note

by Amelia Acosta | 1/10/13 11:00pm

by Rebecca Xu / The Dartmouth

This summer, I took my first and last engineering class. It was a 10A, so most of it passed in a sleepy blur of steel strength measurements and "Gladiator" clips. I clearly remember, however, an in-class movie in which various scientists considered how long it would take the world to crumble if all of humanity suddenly disappeared. The movie was meant to be taken with a grain of salt, and so is this week's Mirror. The apocalypse isn't coming. Collis renovations are not a sign of the rapture. But as any '13 or '14 will tell you, it is true that time flies, and sometimes things change too fast for you to handle. There's something to be said for disaster preparedness. For some of us, that will mean survival kits and weight training. But for most, it's keeping a level head, preparing for failure and prioritizing to make sure we don't graduate with the worst feeling in the world: regret. Most importantly, make time for friends. Don't be afraid to tell them when it's too much. Things will be hard, but they'll be harder alone. This is my first edition of The Mirror, but it's not something I could ever have done by myself. So here's to friendship, failure and surviving the apocalypse! We owe it to ourselves to make 2013 worth it.

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