Che, Kreglow will lead The Dartmouth in 2013

by Jasmine Sachar | 11/4/12 11:00pm

Jenny Che '14 and Gardiner Kreglow '14 will take over as editor-in-chief and publisher of The Dartmouth next term, the outgoing directorate announced on Friday night at the paper's annual Changeover ceremony at Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society.

Che, who will replace Emily Fletcher '13 as editor-in-chief, is a geography major from New York City. Che is currently on an off-term interning for Page Views, the books blog of the New York Daily News. Che began writing for the news and arts sections of The Dartmouth her freshman fall. On campus, she is also a French drill instructor and an RWIT writing assistant.

"I want to be able to contribute more to the paper and get in touch with everyone, and work with all the writers and editors," Che said. "I can't wait to get started working with everyone."

Che credits her experience at The Dartmouth with improving her writing and communication skills.

"What I learned is that we're all stuck in the office for so long, which really creates a very nice bond between all of us," Che said. "It's a professional organization, but it's also a social thing for all of us. I've learned a lot about how to write and interact with people in order to get a lot of perspectives and write the best story I can."

Che said her goals for next year include working on improving writing style and furthering the development of media and video content.

Kreglow, who will replace Branko Cerny '13 as publisher, is an economics and film and media studies double major from Bethlehem, Pa. He joined The Dartmouth his freshman fall and he has since worked on the finance staff and served as finance director and business strategy advisor. On campus, Kreglow works as a research assistant for film professor Amy Lawrence and previously served on the Committee on Instruction for Faculty.

"I worked a lot with the editorial members of the '13 directorate and really know that I love working with all parts of the paper, which is part of the publisher's job," Kreglow said.

Kreglow said that his experiences at The D have helped him develop skills relevant for a future in business.

"I've learned a lot about the complexities that go into running an organization of our size, about the importance of operations management, looking at costs and revenue and also being able to build a strategic direction off of financial analytics," Kreglow said.

Felicia Schwartz '14 and Diana Ming '14 will replace Vince Marriott '13 and Jay Webster '13 as executive editors. Schwartz, a native of Harrison, N.Y., will oversee the news, sports, design and photography sections. Ming, from Morristown, N.J., will oversee the opinion and arts and entertainment sections, as well as The Dartmouth Mirror, Dartbeat blog, multimedia and the copy editing program.

Matthew McNierney '14 will replace Eliza Relman '13 as day managing editor, while Claire Groden '14 and James Peng '14 will take over for Grace Afsari-Mamagani '13 and Stephen Kirkpatrick '13 as evening managing editors. Don Casler '14 and Jonathan Pedde '14 will replace Ashley Blum '13 and Keshav Poddar '14 as the opinion editors and Sharla Grass '14 will step in for Jackie Donohoe '13 as arts editor. Sam Rauschenfels '14 and Taylor Malmsheimer '15 will take over for Jonathan Gault '13 and Dong Zhao '13 as sports editors in the winter, while Rauschenfels and Brett Drucker '15 will head the sports section in the spring.

Amelia Acosta '14 and Tyler Bradford '14 will replace Casey Aylward '13 and Priya Krishna '13 as editors of The Mirror. Leslie Ye '14 and Winnie Yoe '14 will replace Marina Villeneuve '13 and Angie Yang '13 as Dartbeat editors. Yomalis Rosario '15 will replace Nathan Yeo '13 as photography editor, and Maggie Rowland '14 will continue in her role as photography editor in the spring. Erin O'Neil '15 will be serve as the new design editor, and Holly Wakeman '14 will replace Catherine Treyz '13 as multimedia editor.

On the business side, Henry Angus MacQueen '14 and Kasey Boyd '14 will replace Sam Worth '13 as advertising directors. Nick Judson '14, who previously served as national advertising director, will replace Ben Spero '13 as finance and strategy director and Horacio Romero '14 will take over for Sam Seehof '13 as operations and marketing director. Richard Yu '15 will continue to serve as technology director.

The outgoing directorate also recognized several current staff members for their contributions to The Dartmouth.

Lindsay Ellis '15 was named Staff Writer of the Year. Sean Connolly '16, Amelia Rosch '16, Ashley See '16, Josh Koenig '16, Jasmine Sachar '16, Jessica Zischke '16, Mary Liza Hartong '16, Katie Wheeler '15 and Jin Lee '13 were presented the Ira T. Holmes Book Awards, recognizing their accomplishments during their first term as editorial staff members.

On the business side, Piotr Dormus '15 received the Moses Davis award for business staffer of the year. Daniel Chen '16, Tim Harrison '16, Carla Larin '15 and Kunal Rathi '16 were each honored with Ira T. Holmes Book Awards.