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Don't Read Bad Reviews

Former directorate member Jasmine Sachar '16 reflects on the evolution of her self-confidence and the importance of loving oneself, even in the face of criticism or difficulty.

Katelyn Jones/The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley discusses viewpoints

O’Malley, touting his progressive record, touched upon his views on a wide array of issues — including increasing discipline on Wall Street, gay marriage, immigration reform and his experience as governor and as Baltimore mayor — during his 30-minute speech and question-and-answer session.

V-February panelists discuss intersectionality

Four students shared their experiences with intersectionality at the first of a four panel series hosted by V-February on Sunday afternoon. An annual campaign sponsored by the Center for Gender and Student engagement, V-February is aimed at promoting gender equality and ending violence against women through performance and discussion.

Hanover Police changes response to alcohol-related calls

Hanover Police will not respond to calls unless directly asked for assistance when intoxicated students are transferred from Dick’s House to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center via ambulance and is eliminating its in-house diversions program, as of Jan. 1.

Hanlon spoke of the opportunities and challenges that breakthroughs can bring.

Convocation opens new academic year

College President Phil Hanlon, Provost Carolyn Dever and student body president Casey Dennis ’15 stressed the importance of diversity at convocation on Monday.

Applications for the two-term humanities program soared for fall term.

Humanities 1-2 overflows with apps

Applications for the Humanities 1-2 class sequence, a program offered to incoming freshmen to fulfill the writing and first-year seminar requirement, soared this year among members of the Class of 2018. The program received 135 applications for 48 spots, while applicant pools have been closer to 75 students in past years, program administrator Wadeane Kunz wrote in an email.

Voter ID law could influence student turnout

As Dartmouth student groups and Hanover town officials begin voter registration drives for November’s midterm election, government professors and the Hanover town clerk expressed concerns that confusion around voter ID requirements — which proponents say prevent voter fraud — may leave students and other community members wondering what documents they need to vote.


Renovations on E. Wheelock Street to alter Hop, Inn

A series of renovations along East Wheelock street will bring new windows to the Hopkins Center, new sidewalks and a new bus shelter by early fall, vice president of campus planning and facilities Lisa Hogarty said.


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