Letter from the Editors

by Casey Aylward and Priya Krishna | 9/13/12 10:00pm

by Reese Ramponi / The Dartmouth

Not everyone at Dartmouth knows all the words to the Alma Mater. Very few spontaneous renditions even bother to go into the second verse. One line, however, stays burned in every Dartmouth student's mind: Lest the old traditions fail! That is because here at Dartmouth, we place an incredibly heavy emphasis on our traditions on keeping things the same. So when anything happens that threatens to oust us from our daily habits, naturally, we freak out. This year in particular has certainly been a big one in terms of shaking things up at the College, so this issue of The Mirror is about all the ch-ch-ch-changes that have all of our brains spinning from the menu downsizing in KAF (catastrophic) to the recently implemented academic calendar change (panic attack!). Perhaps saying that the old traditions may fail is extreme, but things sure seem and look a little different this year. And speaking of changes, we at the Mirror have a big one. This week, we are introducing our new senior columnist, Lauren Vespoli, who will be sharing the scandalous, YOLO-inspired escapades on her senior year bucket list.

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