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Jury deliberations begin in rape case of Parker Gilbert ’16

In his closing statement for the defense on Wednesday, attorney Robert Cary ’86 said that his client, Parker Gilbert ’16, was not guilty of rape, and that the complainant’s claims were inconsistent with testimony from her former roommate.

Fake letters assess government efficiency

Using the postal service as an indicator of government efficiency, a Dartmouth economics professor and three other economists found that high-income countries are more effective in managing and responding to mail in an institutional environment unmarked by corruption.


The Man of Your Dreams: Ryan Lochte

Two words: Ryan Lochte. So much hotness we can't handle it. A sex symbol for the sport of swimming, Lochte finally catapulted into the media spotlight in the months leading up to the Olympics, taking advantage of Phelps' waning career to push himself forward as the next big swimmer.



Students attend Edinburgh International Film Festival on new FSP

Gavin Huang / The Dartmouth Staff Dartmouth students studying abroad at the Screen Academy Scotland at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland had a welcome surprise in June when the Olympic torch passed right outside their school, prompting loud excitement and a quick dash out of the classroom to join the "cheering crowds," according to film professor Jeffrey Ruoff.